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This is such good information. I've taken COQ10 for years for my hypertension. Unfortunately my oncologist insisted I go off of it during my chemotherapy, which included Adriamycin and Taxol. My radiation oncologist was happy for me to resume the COQ10 during that phase of my treatment. I do hope this info is getting out to
the doctors who treat, as well as to cancer patients!

Hi Keith,
Thanks for giving such valuable information. i have breast cancer and I will begin my chemo treatment next week. Can you please tell me how to prevent side effects of chemotherapy?

People who have survived cancer with the help of conventional treatments should be aware of any potential long-term toxic effects of those treatments. Among the more common problems in this regard is cardiotoxicity, which refers to damage to the heart and cardiovascular system. Given that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women, it stands to reason that many cancer patients are already at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and thus any further stress to the heart merits serious attention.

I read most of your recipes and I like them because you don't use meat. Still I think it's very important to add at least 60% of living food, to provide a good alkaline diet for a cancer patient or one recovering from it.
Still, great job!

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