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Thank you for posting this. I was just questioning my taking Tamoxifen and Green Tea, based on an article in the latest CURE magazine. In there they are showing Green Tea may increase the oral bioavailability of Tamoxfien, increasing the potential for interactions ( source: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center).

My sister had asked me about that TAMOXIFEN, I am just new for the word so I search and glad that I found your so informative post. "tamoxifen was designated as the first drug to block the effects of estrogen", great. I am going to say it to my sister or may be sharing this link to her.

I found resdearch information were is mentioned that flaxseed and flaxseedoil have a simular effect as tamoxifen: why disbalancing my body if there is a healthier alternative??.
Reading the information above the questions rises wich benefit is better: a healthy lifestyle and cancer diet , green tea and usefull supplements completed with a the right doses of flaxseed/oil.

Thank you for this information. If we could only get further along in finding more friendly ways to combat the cancer cells. It seems like we are always so close but we just never quite get there. I wish the best for anyone who is currently going through this struggle.

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