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Or go to a yoga class, or do anything that relaxes you.

I do agree that yoga can help cancer patients because it calms the mind and lessens the stress and worries. Nice post.

Its a great post indeed. It let us know that Yoga is not only about exercising or stretching our body health but due to this we can make ourselves relax and it makes our mind fresh.

Actually I find out about Article related about Bikram Yoga, but I can't found it on Google, hope you can write that topic for me, it's my pleasure to visit again your website .. ^_^

Great post, at what would be the ideal place to do the yoga? And thanks for sharing a wonderful information about yoga and its greatest use.

After following these techniques what tests do you recommend to establish that there is no more cancer in the body. The one time breast cancer surgery patient has not gone for chemo radiation or hormone therapy and has been on qi gong and yoga with mindfulness techniques for over 9 months adopting the macrobiotic diet and the other advice given in your book- Life Over Cancer. She is eating and sleeping very well and is leading a normal life full of energy in the countryside eating organic food

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