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I'm supposed to start Tamoxifen soon. Can I eat oranges or do I have to give them up?

Most of the money spent these days on supplements is wasted because most supplements are not worth what you pay for them. It is important to learn how to select supplements that are worth your money, but again, supplements are not a substitute for real food. Nothing can replace the nutrition provided.

When I was going through chemo, I thought I should be straight-forward with my oncologist and shared what I was taking at the time. His response was that I should stop ALL supplements except Vitamin D. I had been taking COQ10 for years as part of my blood pressure control regime. After my treatment, I learned that patients who are taking Adriamycin should be taking COQ10 to protect their heart from the toxicity of the drug. Why don't oncologists know this stuff? My doctor did know about the dangers of St. John's Wort. This does not translate to all supplements being dangerous! By the way, I have found your book 'Life Over Cancer' very helpful during my recovery and return to health.

Can high dose vitamin C (60 grams) have a detrimental effect on my kidneys? I have been tested and do have the enzyme necessary to break down the Vitamin C.

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